What if your boss gave you an important project that would determine your pay scale and promotion path for the rest of your career? How much time and energy might you put into that? You might sacrifice everything else in your life to make it happen. Well, God has handed you the same opportunity – the opportunity to deepen, enrich and enlarge every single important relationship in your life. This project is an honest look at the state of your heart, mind, soul and human spirit while tackling what may seem like Life’s ultimate “Mission Impossible!”

The danger? Continuing to live disconnected, barely functioning, disappointed, tormented, angry, alone, tempted or confused. Should you choose to enter into adventure of heart, soul and spirit, you enter into the real, eternal battles that have played out upon the battlefields of the heart for 2000 years.

My name is Keri Lawrence MA, LPC, and I have been blessed to counsel and restore marriages, educate parents, and give everlasting hope to individuals and families of all different kinds (blended,adoption RAD, etc.). Since 1995, I have helped people rebuild their lives with biblical principles and the power of healing that only God can provide. Call now and make an appointment today! Your new life is waiting for you!  682-429-6884